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Feb 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
zero years since tunisia celebrates the transparent election, the first since the uprising of 2011. that election made to miyisha somewhat of a beacon -- made tunisia somewhat of a beacon. the islamist party merged, but without a majority. they promised cooperation. it seemed to nietzsche -- tunisia was finding a way to compromise. will today's assassination derails the emerging democracy? >> this is the most difficult process of the change, and the new political system has been put together. the new constitution, the divisions between where the country is going, the maneuvering, but generally things are heading in the right direction. >> even so, this will put fear into the heart of the political lives. tonight they called elections. it is a reminder that even the most hopeful of arab democracies remains a work in progress. >> i spoke to michelle. she is the director of the council at the middle east center. we have one of the country's best his the most -- countries that is the most westernized is the most stable. it is a surprise? >> assassination has not been a feature of the t
Feb 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
in the capital of tunisia following the assassination of an opposition protester. clashes between protesters and police threaten democracy as the politicians are disagreeing on how to deal with this crisis. we have been out on the streets of the capital. >> the situation across tunisia is incredibly tense. the assassination has shaken the country to its very core. ? we have not seen scenes like this for two years. there are right police clashing on this main street. the young men are protesting about the government. the government allied to the muslim brotherhood, accused of a road and the people the freedoms that people had one in the revolution. -- accused of eroding the freedoms that the people won in the revolution. there is a highly charged funeral tomorrow. many people across the country are anticipating more trouble. >> a very tense time they're in tunisia. it has been described as the blackest day in australian sport. crushing revelations of mass doping have ripped across the image. doctors, coaches, scientists were all involved, working alongside in an organized crime syndicate with
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
director in the office of the secretary of defense, and also country director for morocco and tunisia, and earlier in his career, did quite a bit of work, which i think you'll see brought out up 234 -- in northern mali including 30 trips in that region. ranging well, and delighted to have him on our team. another old friend, dr. ricardo, professor of political science and sociology and a corporation scholar on islam, ricardo, a good friend and colleague, and in the department of shameless self-promotion, i mentioned he and i are editing a book together in the north african revolution, but delighted to have him, and our wives have become friends as well. it's in the family so to speak. timely, last, but not least, dr. onwar, assistant professor of political science, and nonresident senior fellow at the carnegie endowment, and author of quite a number of works, some quite precious in their timing on al-qaeda in the islamic and its effects. you have their bigraphical notes for fuller details. i would note one thing not in the notes, and i can't resist mentioning that while there's few di
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3